The ability to adjust to customer needs locally, using expertise perfected over more than 80 years, is what truly sets Vogue apart. Unlike many others, our brands were not created by a marketing agency in a busy meeting room. Our brands and their stories are authentic and real. Our brands were established long ago, Nanso in 1921 in Nokia and Vogue in 1934 in Malmö, Sweden. Both brands have their roots in production, creating a profound understanding on the product quality and underlying technology, enabling the best possible solutions to meet customer needs.

Nanso Group Oy

Nanso Group Oy is a consumer driven brand company, who operates two iconic, well-known fashion brands, Nanso and Vogue. Our company was founded in 1921 in Nokia, Finland and we still have 100% Finnish ownership, with a personnel of 103 people.  

Nanso Group Oy, the company behind the brands, has also been completely renewed over the past 3 years: we have successfully implemented a fundamental change from a traditional clothing manufacturer into a modern brand company.


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