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Nanso Group is a Finnish house of brands founded in 1921. Its well-known brands are Nanso and Vogue. Nanso, which focuses on women's fashion, is known for its unique patterns, high-quality products and timeless Finnish design expertise. Vogue is one of the most prestigious hosiery brands in the Nordic countries.The ability to adjust to customer needs locally and having expertise of over 80 years is what truly sets Vogue apart. 

Today, Nanso Group still has 100% Finnish ownership, with personnel of 110 people and 23 Nanso Stores in Finland. The design studios and head office are based in Helsinki, Finland. The group has a number of trusted retail partners in department stores, specialist, grocery & ecommerce channels. The main market areas are in the Nordic countries & Baltics.


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Vogue has ended all cooperation with Russia in response to the war in Ukraine

 Since 1934, sustainability and following ethical principles have been at the core of Vogue’s business operations. For this reason, Vogue terminated all its business cooperation with Russia in February 2022 in response to the war in Ukraine. This decision reflects Vogue’s strong commitment to ethical business practices and our stance against actions that undermine global peace and stability.

"Vogue firmly believes that business decisions must align with ethical considerations, especially when it comes to global conflicts and human rights issues," says Rita Holmberg, CEO at Nanso Group. " We stand in solidarity with those affected by the war in Ukraine and are committed to redirecting our efforts toward markets that share our values."

Prior to the war, Vogue collaborated with a Russian importer. Due to Russian export regulations, specific texts, including the importer's name and material contents in Russian, had to be displayed on Vogue’s product packaging. The outbreak of the Ukrainian war marked a turning point to this cooperation. In light of Russia's involvement in the conflict, Vogue immediately made the decision to discontinue cooperation with Russia. As part of this transition, all texts related to Russian exports were removed from Vogue’s packaging, signifying our departure from the market.

Unfortunately, it often takes time for all the older packages to be sold and subsequently removed from our retailers' inventory. As a result, it is possible to find older packages with Russian texts on the market, even though our cooperation with Russia was discontinued in February 2022. We extend our appreciation to our valued customers for their patience and understanding during this process.

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Nanso Group

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