Timeless quality hosiery since 1934

We approach sustainability holistically, whether it is about taking care of personnel, reducing our environmental impact, sourcing ethically, or crafting durable products. We recognize that there are no quick wins to solve current sustainability challenges, but we are 100% committed to creating a more sustainable hosiery industry.

Our commitments on sustainability

Our commitments to sustainability are built around Nanso Group’s sustainability framework, which guides our efforts. These commitments on sustainability mean concrete actions and goals, and we regularly monitor and update them. Vogue’s sustainability themes are:

1: Products: Cherishing Quality & Long Lifecycles

A choice that lasts

We design timeless and durable products and choose more responsible materials. We promote the circular economy, extend the lifecycle of our products, and encourage clothing maintenance.

2: People: Caring For People Near And Far

People are at the core of everything we do

We operate transparently and are a fair business partner.mWe take care of our staff and our communities.

3: Environment​: Acknowledging And Acting

Actions for the future

We are committed to carbon neutrality* and reducing our emissions. We use natural resources sustainably and choose resource-wise partners.

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Our commitments on transparency

To advance transparency and sustainability in the hosiery industry, we have signed the Transparency Pledge. It allows us to demonstrate our commitment towards better transparency in our supply chain. We have published our supplier list since 2020, and from spring 2023, we will also publish our manufacturer’s subcontractors and material suppliers.

Our sheer hosiery products are mostly made in Italy and Serbia, while the natural fiber products come mainly from Estonia, Portugal and Turkey.

Vogue products, country of origin 2022

List of Vogue Tier 1 Suppliers 

List of Vogue Tier 2 Suppliers

Introduction of Vogue Suppliers

Sustainable European manufacturing

All Vogue products are designed in Finland by our passionate design team. We believe in producing high-quality socks and hosiery in safe and fair working conditions. We strive for long-term partnerships that promote sustainability and ensure the high quality of our products. To alleviate the risks of neglecting environmental or social matters, we do not want to put too much time or cost pressure on our suppliers.

Long-lasting cooperation with family-run partners

We work only with a few carefully chosen suppliers which are mostly small family-run businesses. We visit our partners regularly and emphasize transparency in our cooperation. We also give our partners enough time to produce our products, and never choose a supplier based solely on price.Our suppliers have also  made environmental investments in their factories, for example equipping their buildings with solar panels and new machinery.

       Sustainability criteria for suppliers

      When choosing a supplier, we consider many aspects and their approach to sustainability. We have strict quality and durability requirements that must be met in all the factories. All Vogue´s partners and suppliers must comply with:

      1. Nanso Group´s Code of Conduct 
      2. Nanso Group´s Purchase Agreement​
      3. Amfori BSCI´s Code of Conduct (or a similar system audited by a third party)

      Amfori BSCI member since 2008

      We want to promote social responsibility throughout our supply chain and have been a member of the amfori BSCI since 2008. Our suppliers are committed to the BSCI's core principles (or equivalent sustainability criteria, such as SA8000 or Sedex). Suppliers are also assessed through independent audits and the activities are developed over the long term.

      Vogue Conscious Collection

      Vogue Conscious Collection - introduced in 2019 - is a collection where we only use more environmentally responsible materials such as recycled polyamide (Econyl), organic cotton and lyocell. Econyl's environmental impact is significantly lower than virgin polyamide. It is made from plastic waste from seas and waterways, such as fishing nets and cutting waste from the textile industry.

      Design solutions to solve challenges

      Vogue's design approach culminates in the subtle details, innovations and finest yarns to generate the premium quality and  durability. In hosiery, the main material used is polyamide. Most environmental challenges relate to using oil-based polyamide and having restricted possibilities to re-use and recycle hosiery. We aim to ensure that our products have the longest life possible, and we are committed to using as much recycled material as possible without reducing quality.

      Moving to more sustainable materials

      All our wool articles are mulesing free. We do not use angora fur, down or exotic animal skins in our products. The Vogue packages from 2020 are manufactured 100% FSC certified cardboard.  Our aim is to continuously increase the share of sustainable materials in the coming collections. In 2022 the share of more sustainable materials was 18,4 %.

       Materials in Vogue collection 2022 (by weight)