All Vogue products are made from high-quality materials to ensure the longest possible product lifespan. However, due to the delicate nature of hosiery products, the right product care plays a vital role in ensuring that your favorite pieces will stay beautiful for the longest possible time. Read our best and easy tips for the right hosiery care.  

Choosing the right size

Ensuring the longest possible lifespan starts with choosing the right size. Why? Because over-stretching small tights can easily cause runs, especially to delicate sheer tights. If you are in-between sizes, we always recommend purchasing the larger size. Find your perfect size through our size guide.

Stretching before use

Before wearing your tights, give them a gentle stretch. Stretching ensures a more comfortable fit and helps to extend the lifespan of the yarn.

Putting tights on

A key to not ripping your hosiery when putting them on is to remove all jewelry and smooth out any rough edges from your hands, feet, fingernails and toenails. Then sit down and hold the tights at the waist. Gently gather one leg until you reach the toe of your tights. Slide your foot in and pull the tight up to your knee. When pulling the tights up, pull them as gently and as evenly as possible. Remember that the finer the denier, the more delicate handling it needs.Then repeat the same with the other leg, and gently pull the tights up to your waist. Make gentle, necessary adjustments to your comfort and fit.


To prevent any damage, we always recommend hand-washing your Vogues in cold water. Should you want to wash them in a washing machine, choose a gentle cycle, cold water temperature and always put them in a garment bag. Make sure you do not wash them with any items that could cause tearing, such as clothing with zippers or metal parts. Avoid using fabric softeners as they can damage the elastane and thus shorten the lifespan.


All tights retain their shape best through air drying. Remove any excess water by gently squeezing and hang them or lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry tights, as the heat of the dryer can easily shrink and damage them.    


Tights are best stored separately from all other clothes. This will prevent hooks, zippers or any other metal parts snagging up your favorite pieces. Folding the tights neatly in a drawer further protects them from getting tangled or snagged. Folding is easy: lay the tights flat on a table or bed and fold them in two lengthwise so that one leg is on top of the other. Remove any wrinkles or bumps by smoothing them by hand. With holding the toes of the tights together, roll them neatly from toes towards the waistband. Place them in a drawer in a vertical position as this prevents them from slipping open. If you have multiple pairs, a good way to separate them is to place them in a clear plastic bag or inside any other protective surface that prevents snagging and runs.

Another good way to store tights is to save the hosiery cardboard and package that you purchased them in. This way you can fold the tights neatly over the cardboard and store them in the original package.